Standard U.S. apparel participate in the Fifth China Overseas Investment Fair

 Fifth China Overseas Investment Fair ( hereinafter referred to as " external contact" ) on 3-4 December 2013 Exhibition held in Beijing, China . This contact will be outside of the State Development and Reform Commission approved China Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association and co-sponsored by the National Development Bank , Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , Agricultural Bank of China , China Minsheng Bank, co . Outside contact will implement the Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighth on " bringing in and going out to better integrate , promoting reform , accelerating the development of participation and leading the new competitive advantages in international economic cooperation" as the theme, in order to better serve Chinese enterprises overseas investment cooperation as the goal, industry associations play an active link both domestic and foreign resources , the role of the two bond markets , to expand cooperation and promote the healthy development of China's overseas investment boost .

National Energy Commission Expert Advisory Committee, China Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association chairman Zhang speech at the meeting
CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Wang Yang ; deputy secretary-general of the State Council Bi Jingquan ; National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Xiaoqiang , deputy director ; China Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association chairman Zhang ; Hu Huaibang chairman of the National Development Bank, and other leaders attended the session outside Fair . Vice Premier Wang Yang made ​​an important speech at the meeting .
U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke spoke at the meeting
U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke , Russian Ambassador Denisov , Deputy Secretary General Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Danvers , Ba Xinan River State Governor Tarsus Ren Luo about more than 100 countries , including government officials, economic profession , business representatives attend this outside Fair , more than 160 units to about 50 countries and regions set Merchants booth.
Company leaders in the Fair site