2013 ' Yanbu Underwear Cup' China Underwear Model Contest

 I * heart of beautiful clothes in my heart , after a four month after rigorous training and selection , August 18 , 40 winning players from all 11 sub-division of the model to stand out from the tens of thousands gathered in Foshan Yanbu , compete for the " 2013 ' Yanbu Underwear Cup' China underwear model Contest " finals winners and 10 individual awards , in the summer to add a stylish cool as this underwear town .

, China Knitting Industry Association , Dali Town , Nanhai District , Foshan City, Yanbu Underwear Innovation Center sponsored by the China Textile Industry Association led, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Yanbu Underwear Industry Association Sponsor , Bentley Culture Development Center planned throughout 2013 "Salt execution step underwear Cup " China underwear model Contest has been widespread concern people outside the industry , the well-known brands accounted for half of China's underwear industry cluster Yanbu Underwear fully involved, this competition is more prominent professional and marketability .
In order to fully demonstrate the influence of competition and professionalism , fair and equitable selection of the new underwear model outstanding talent contest invited the Chinese lingerie model matches the most powerful judges lineup: judging from the total length of China Fashion Weekly editing Mr. Sun Yi , deputy director of Guangxi TV and judges Mr. Lin Jiemou , the famous fashion designer Mr. Qi Gang , famous makeup stylist Mr. Mao Geping , the famous fashion designer Mr. Yao Feng , general manager of the sea perish lingerie brand senior national body designers Miss Xia Bei , China's chief Manhunt Kangjun Long and Mr. lingerie famous brand " Olivia Lennon ' design director Miss He Zhiying . It is worth mentioning that appeared in the corner of the famous actor hibiscus Xi Sun Qian in " Zhen Huan Biography" , in the debut of this new marriage underwear model contest as the judges , her presence reflects the popularity and influence of this competition .
On the magnificent stage , 40 players dressed in five stunning debut series of hundreds of works , with a solid professional skills and excellent performance, the players in the T stage Zhengfangdouyan , vibrant, won the the audience applause and the judges , they will work together to dedicate a national audience pleasing feast with passion and beautiful dream of youth.
Yang Dong award winners
Leading photo competition